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Property development

Home is where the heart is; your space should live up to this.


• Supply and assist QP2 with on site septic and get DOE permit

• Test holes

• Do topographic survey of required areas

• Clear and mark property lines

• Assist in house location

• Construction security gate

• Layout

• Sign showing civic number and name

• Environmental controls

• Clearing, cut and remove trees that need to be removed, clean up underbrush and burn if permit is available

• Grubbing with disposal off site

• Post security and get TPW permit for driveway

• Save and reuse existing topsoil

• Construct & gravel 12’ driveway including culvert if required and pull of area at roadway

• Co-ordinate with Nova Scotia Power and pre dig holes and prepare pole areas

• Excavate and backfill for house

• Site grading

• Hay ground cover where required

• Ditching

• Drainage – big O around house if required

• Slab on grade

• Supply and install document box

• Gravel & insulation

• Reinforcing

• Form and pour concrete (slab finish to ±¼”)

• Finish

• Drainage

• Excavation & backfill for plumbing

• Excavation for slab thickening

• On site sewage disposal system

• Excavate & backfill line from well

• Hard surfacing

• Rock, stone

• Asphalt

• Concrete

• Permanent driveway gate posts and/or gate

• Landscaping

• Stonework - walls



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